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Let's help you with your batteries, air conditioning and solar needs

Top Quality Batteries

Car batteries Truck batteries Deep cycle batteries Golf cart batteries and many more...


We supply in bulk air-conditioners to accredited installers at wholesale prices.

Solar Systems Big or Small

Solar Panels from 10W to 325W Solar Charge Controllers, MPPT & PWM
Inverters from 500W Modified Sine wave to 25Kva pure sine wave

Need Gas

Come and refill your gas at our store.

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About Battery & Solar Brits

At Battery & Solar Brits we pride ourselves in supplying reliable, long-lasting battery & solar products and here’s why you should consider us.

  • We have been doing business for over 5 years
  • Sold over 15250 batteries to happy customers
  • Sold 1010 Airconditioners last year
  • You get a quick, reliable installation
  • We offer a wide range of battery products to match your application.
  • Giving you peace of mine with long life expectancy backed by a great warranty.